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Halloween movies bring out the ghouls in 'US'

By Sayvon Shaw

Voice Feature Writer

Halloween is upon is and so is the time to shine the light on some new and some old fright night movies. Here is a round-up of some that caught the eye of the Voice staff.


The newly release film "Joker" is a crime drama thriller that tell the story of how Batman's archrival became who we all know him as. The movie opened Oct. 4 and set a box office record for an R-rated film of more than $800 million worldwide in ticket sale in the first 21 days.

The main character, Arthur Fleck, is a failed comedian who eventually is turned on by society. Unable to handle the pressures of the world, Fleck slowly goes insane, turning in Joker, an evil criminal mastermind.

"IT Chapter Two"

This sequel to the 2017 film "It" lives up to the same scares and intensity as the previous movie did. In the first film, the story follows a group of neighborhood kids during a summer, being terrorized by the shapeshifting clown known as "It" (or "Pennywise").

After weeks of torment, the kids eventually find a way to defeat the clown, but feel as though It's terror is over, it's wasn't going to be the end. Believing that It will one day return. So, to make up for this, the kids make an oath to each other to promise to come together again if It decides to return.

In "Chapter Two," the kids are now adults and looking to defend themselves from It a second time. Seeing this movie in theaters for sure lots of fun. The movie does have its share of jokes that is certainly there to keep you off your guard so when the jump scares do actually come through.

"It Chapter Two" truly is a good, scary and fun movie that can easily stretch into the upcoming Halloween as an entertaining watch.

"Zombieland 2: Double Tap"
The aforementioned film is a sequel to the original "Zombieland." The lastest version opened Oct. 18 and as of Oct. 27 it had grossed $47 million in the United States and Canada, and $16.6 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $63.6 million.

A decade after the events of the previous film, four zombie slayers must yet again face off against zombies (who have evolved since the first movie). With the same directors and writers as the first, this movie is sure to have blood, gore, and even some laughs for you, during this Halloween season.


This film is the sophomoric release of director Jordan Peele, following the wildly success "Get Out."

Just like the Peele's first installment Us went over well with audiences, despite the fear of living up to the magic of "Get Out".
After an outing with friends, a family returns to their vacation home, surprised by a strange silhouette they see in their driveway. Unlike any one of them could expect, what was waiting for them was four doppelgangers of themselves! It has been several months since "Us" hit the screens March but it is a scary, terrifying and violent movie that fits in seamlessly with anyone's Halloween movie playlist.