What the Bookstore Has in Store During COVID-19

 Joyce Freeman
Joyce Freeman

-by Tyra Norris

Tyra Norris: Due to Covid 19, is the bookstore running on short staff?

Joyce Freeman: Yes, the bookstore is running on a short staff due to the impact. Then in a way, we are not short staffed because business hasn't been as busy as it normally is. We used to have tourists and more families stop by, but COVID-19 has shook things up.

Tyra Norris: How has business been since Covid-19 arrived?

Joyce Freeman: Business has been very slow since we are limited ten people in the store at a time. The school is on lockdown, so people don't venture out to the bookstore unless it's something truly needed. If people didn't know, you can order your items online on the bookstore website, and have them delivered to the school.

Tyra Norris: What's a top selling item that runs out quickly in the bookstore?

Joyce Freeman: The top selling items that the bookstore sells are alumni tags because we have a large alumni base. Now, airpods and the JBL speakers are right along on the path of sellouts.

Tyra Norris: Is there changes that the bookstore will be encountering soon?

Joyce Freeman: There will be scholarships coming soon! Be on lookout for an email from Dr.Chrite regarding scholarships coming from the bookstore.