Walt Disney’s ‘Soul’ is relatable and passionate


By Nadia Reese

Assistant Editor

Walt Disney and Pixar Studio's movie "Soul," directed by Pete Doctor, is a heart-warming and adventurous comedy-drama that the whole family can enjoy.

The computer-animated film, which reportedly cost around$200 million to produce, follows a middle-school band teacher named Joe (the voice of Jamie Fox) and a lost soul named 22 (the voice of Tina Fey).

In the movie, Joe, a man who is passionate about music is hit by a car and sent into another realm to go into what is called the "Great Beyond." After trying to escape, he ends up in the "Great Before" and disguises himself as Jerry who is supposed to help other lost souls before they find their bodies before they are sent to Earth. The lost soul that Jerry must help is named 22 who has no idea what she wants to do.

This movie was spectacular and I would definitely recommend this movie to those of any age. It's animation was beautiful and it fit the narrative of what the story tried to tell. The film also was very inspiring and some of the topics that were discussed could be relatable to those of any age.

My favorite scenes included Joe's soul getting switched into a cat's body and 22's soul getting switched into Joe's body. Those scenes had developed the characters of both Joe and 22 as 22 learned the joy of living.

The movie was slated to open in theaters June 2020 but Disney delayed it because of the pandemic and then in November of that year sent it its streaming service where subscribers can see it for free.

Meanwhile, the acting was phenomenal, so much so that when I first viewed the film, I did not know it Jamie Fox'svoice. In my opinion, the film is definitely deserving of its IMBD rating, 8.1/10.

Nadia Reese is a senior mass communications major, who calls Baltimore, Maryland home.