Time Out With Cheerleader Brianna Johnson

Brianna Johnson
Brianna Johnson

What is your favorite B-CU team to cheer for?

Although I love cheering for both the basketball and football teams, football season is my favorite one. Football season is so exciting; especially the home games. I love seeing and hearing the band perform along with seeing the 14K dancers. The Wildcat Crazies are full of life and the royal court is always there right in front supporting us. Our crowd and their participation to our cheers is what tops it off. 

Do you believe that cheerleaders are a necessary addition to college sports programs?

Johnson in B-CU cheerleading uniform
Johnson in B-CU cheerleading uniform

I do believe cheerleaders are a necessary addition to college sports programs. Cheerleaders are the ones hyping up the crowd. They are the ones encouraging the crowd to yell offense, defense, the sports team name, etc. Cheerleaders keep the crowd alive and awake, even on those hot summer days or cold fall days during football season.

How does Bethune-Cookman University compensate your hard work as a cheerleader? 

Bethune-Cookman University compensates my hard work by giving me a book scholarship as well as a place to practice. Also, when we travel, we receive a stipend. 

Is it your dream to become a cheerleader for a pro team after college?

I have thought about cheering for a pro team after college but I have come to the realization that my real goals and aspirations in life do not mix with cheering for a pro team.

What are some stereotypes associated with cheerleaders? Are they true? 

Some common stereotypes are that cheerleaders aren't smart, cheerleading is easy, cheerleaders are snobs and people don't usually like cheerleaders. I absolutely disagree with those stereotypes. I know so many bright young ladies, including myself that are on the cheer team with some of the highest GPAs. Cheerleading is not easy at all. We put in so much time and effort to make sure all our material is clean, our stunts hit and we land our tumbling. All cheerleaders are not snobs. You can't stereotype a person without getting to know them first; and people do like the cheerleaders because most of the time they are the sweetest people. 

You cheer for athletes, have you ever wished that someone else cheered for you?

Yes, it would be nice for someone else to come cheer me on. Cheerleaders do so much and no one really recognize all the work we put in just to make the things we do look simple and effortless.

By Augustinas Navickas