This Wildcat found her niche in music


By Heaven Stephens

Special to the Voice

I like to look at myself as a "miracle baby."

I weighed only 1 pound, 11 ounces at birth. Most premature babies don't have the best survival rate, but I did.

I was an only child and sometimes I think that it caused me to find my first love, which is the art of music. Music helped me dive into my inner artistic abilities that I didn't think I had and when I found my voice, I knew that I was destined for something great.

I picked up my first saxophone at the age of 10 and went on to play in both my middle and high school band programs. Besides picking up a horn, I started to dive into the creation of music and getting into software in order to make my own music.

Heaven Stephens surrounded by her parents and other family members.
Heaven Stephens surrounded by her parents and other family members.

Learning to make music for me was me telling the sibling that I didn't have the different feelings that I would have every day. Creating music to me is like telling a story.

Not only did I find my niche in creating music, but I also found the love for the band programs that I was in middle and high school. Now, here at Bethune-Cookman-- being a member of The Marching Wildcats-lead me to discover other students who view music the same way as me.

Coming into this band program, I've found a hub where not only are there students who play instruments like me, but also students who have the love for producing music and creating different stories through production.

Heaven Stephens is a junior mass communications major and member of the Marching Wildcats

Heaven Stephens
Heaven Stephens