Students react to arrival of Burrito Bowl


"[The] Burrito Bowl is great to me. A bit too taxed for my liking but a great seconday option," junior Marco Belloso said. "The vegan options for the smoothies are great and [the] staff is pretty good too." "I don't really like the Burrito Bowl. The food is not worth the price. The staff is a little slow to my liking as well. Their smoothies are the best thing to me," freshman Chloe Wilmore said. "I like the Burrito Bowl. The food is mostly good and healthy," junior Eric Gantt said. "I think the Burrito Bowl is a nice addition to the campus seeing as the food is actually pleasant, though I do agree that the pricing is a bit ludicrous," senior Max Jean-Brice said. "I like the concept of more organic food on campus, but the cost is what kills everyone," freshnan Dafney Ariol said. "Also, there are more vegetarians and other people who don't eat meat or dairy products so I think it would be even more popular with them if the food had more options like the smoothies." "The idea is there, but it still needs time to grow. As a cook, I know that prices should equate to proportions and Burrito Bowl prices do not adhere to that philosophy," senior Trey Ricks said. "For almost S10, I'm paying for a 4 ounce scoop of rice, 2 ounces of chicken and a heavy handed amount of toppings filling up a minuscule bowl. Workers are abundant, but it's apparent that numbers and training are not cohesive. I went in for an item on the menu and the worker looked at me with an absent stare as if the words spewing from my tongue weren't English. She told me she didn't know how to make it. That in itself shows the lack of training and care that was taken into the establishment."