Some ins, outs of campus for new students


Transportation options abound 

Planes, trains, uber, and buses

     Transportation is a very important part of college life, especially for students that may live in a different city, county, state or even country than where they attend school. Luckily Daytona Beach is centrally located on U.S. 95 for those arriving by automobile. The city also is home to the Daytona Beach International Airport. The airport has three carriers-Delta, American and Jet Blue. If that is not enough, then an option is to take an Uber or Greyhound bus to Orlando International Airport, which is about an hour away. But be prepared to pay-at least for the Uber ride, which cost about $119 to get to the airport. A better deal might be to catch Greyhound, located at on International Speedway Boulevard and ride to the
airport for about $20. Undergraduate students that live on campus pay $9,412 a year for room and board, excluding those in the residential life centers that pay an Both Uber and Greyhound offer service to DeLand, where you can catch a train heading north or south. Another option is to car pool home. If you find yourself needing to get around town, there are several different options for transportation. For instance, if one needs to go to Walmart or the Volusia Mall there is a free shuttle that takes students
every Wednesday and Saturday. The shuttle runs from noon to 6 p.m. Students are picked up from the Center for Civic Engagement and dropped off in front of White Hall. Votran, the countywide bus service, also has stops near

By Josue Jeune

Places to Eat Near B-CU

      Daytona Beach is known for being the home of Nascar and for being located next to the "World's Most Famous Beach." The city, however, is not known as a dining mecca. In fact, despite the number of eating places in town, some might say that pickings are slim near the B-CU campus. Your options include such fast-food eateries as Steak N Shake, Popeyes Fried Chicken, Jimmy John's subs, Burger King and Checkers all within walking distance from B-CU. If you want something a little different, there are two family-owned and operated soul food eateries just east of campus-Kinfolks
Cafe and the Bethune Grill. Both were rated at least 4 stars on Google.
Don't be surprised if the line is all the way at the door when you show up at the Bethune Grill, which is a favorite among students when the café is closed. The fast and friendly staff will definitely make you feel like you're at your grandma's house. It has a variety of chicken, fried fish, and shrimp but it is most known for honey wings. Another fantastic spot that is a little farther from campus is Sushi King, 238 N. Nova Road. Daytona Beach is finally playing catch up with satisfying the sushi lovers with the opening of this
all-you-can eat sushi place. Lunch cost $11.99 and dinner is a little pricey at $18.99. The prices might

     seem a little over the top but the quality is divine and the atmosphere is tremendously clean. Choosing from unlimited lobster, spicy tuna, salmon, yellow tail, and calamari all wrapped up in creative rolls it will make you have a happy food coma. Also, within walking distance of the campus are the Brickyard Lounge and Grill, the Crab Shack, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Pasha's Middle East Cafe. 
By Rennae Morgan

Need a room? B-CU has space for most students

     Bethune-Cookman houses approximately 3,000 students on campus. Making sure that they are safe and comfortable is the role of housing and residence life. There are 11 dorms on campus: four co-ed dorms, four female dorms and three male dorms. The newest dorms are located in Phase I and II (units A-D). These are co-ed and used to house freshmen, as well as athletes.

     One of the oldest dorms on campus is Curtis Hall, which is located in the center of the quad. Built in 1922, it was gift to B-CU from the estate of Flora Curtis. She died in 1920. An additional $728 a year for housing, as well as those in Phrase 2, who pay an additional $814 year for housing. If you want to live on campus, you need to be sure that you reserve a space. There is a $200 fee to do so. Note that freshmen are not allowed to stay in co-ed dorm. This is a privilege for upperclassmen. Freshmen also are not allowed coed visitation. If you have any questions, comments or concerns you can contact the main office phone 386-481-2420 and they will answer everything. 
By Essence Printemps

Looking for a place to have fun? Start here

     Daytona Beach is a tourist town and so it comes as no surprise that there are quite a few things to do here during free time. On a hot, sunny day you can cool off at Daytona Lagoon, which is a 10-minute-drive from campus, across the bridge nearest to the beach. Located near the Ocean Center, Daytona Lagoon has everything from arcade games to go carts, and even an outdoor pool. If you don't want to cross the bridge, then check out Sky Zone Trampoline Park at 1300 W. International Speedway Boulevard. It features freestyle bouncing, dodgeball, fitness programs and more. A little closer to campus at 290 N. Nova Road is Hanger 15, which markets itself as an indoor playground for adult. "The trampoline grid features over 60 trampolines, including the famous angled wall trampolines, launching decks and a few surprises up in the ceiling to test your vertical," according to a marketing flier. It is about a 12-minute walk from the freshman dorms. Looking for something a little

     slower, perhaps to take a date? Daytona Beach is home to Cobb Luxury Cinema, which features the latest movies and a dining experience beyond popcorn and sodas. Then there is Cinematique, a small venue on downtown Beach Street that showcases talent shows, stand-up comedy and even short films. Down the street from Cinematique is the Arcade Museum, home to the first-ever arcade videogame, Computer Space. There also is a collection of full-size arcade and pinball machines, as well as a selection of playable home console games, according to its online site. Before you get there, be sure to check out a little coffee shop called "Sweet Marlays." If you still wanted to get out of town but not go too far, consider crossing the bridge and heading south on Atlantic Avenue, which will take you to the town of Ponce inlet. There you will find the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse and Museum. At 175 feet in height, it is the tallest lighthouse in the state and one of the tallest in the United States. When you hear someone say "there is nothing to do in Daytona," don't hesitate to share the news.

By Alysa Hinton