Shutdown was a shutdown between Dems and GOP


       The recently elected speaker of the house , the notorious Nancy pelosi , outsmarts the infamously unintelligible Donald Trump in a hands down guns up Dems vs GOP shoot out. As the longest government shutdown in history comes to a close , republicans cringe in defeat, dems count there wins and subtract their loses , but the american people seem to have lost the most. The prerequisites of partisanship scuffles between the two monopoly parties , are disruption and selfish intentions. These prerequisites subsequently lead to division.

       We live in the land of the "free" and home of the "brave", however , this claim is hardly found to be actual. Faithful trump supporters such as Daniel Shrader (@dannyawesomeguy on Snapchat and Instagram who is my good friend) a student at Baylor university, supports the efforts of the president. Daniel said , "Implications are made that consist of the president testing the reasonability of the Dems to see if the government shutdown can be settled through reasonable negotiations", what that means certainly is subject to interpretation . There is absolutely nothing reasonable about a mother going without pay at the expense of partisanship and political monopoly . There is absolutely nothing reasonable about 800,000 workers being forced to work while a moratorium is being placed on their funds, I "reason" the president is unabashedly unreasonable, as well as, vociferously unethical.

       Let's take a look at the ideology of a government shutdown, shall we? A government shutdown occurs when congress fails to pass sufficient appropriation bills or continuing resolutions to fund federal government operations and agencies, or when the president refuses to sign such bills or resolutions into law. In this particular instance of course, this is the result of a refusal by the president . Amidst the unfavorable shutdown , essential government workers are to work without pay until the government reopens .

       The president shut the government down because he did not receive adequate funding for his morally unethical border wall. As a prohibition of the ADA or anti deficiency act , it prohibits the government from entering into a contract that is not fully funded because it would obligate the government appropriations adequate to the needs of the contract. This was implemented to end coercive deficiencies , however it wasn't adequate in preventing the prolonged shutdown that impacted, drastically , the lives of the american people. The people who contributed the least to shutdown the government , have to reap the harshest of its consequences, shameful. A shutdown of this nature is nearly impossible in other countries, to add insult to injury.

       In other places, the executive power is contingent upon the ability to produce an approved budget with articulable means. If a budget is failed to pass it triggers an immediate election . In parliamentary systems , the executive must maintain approval of legislature to remain in power with confidence and supply, because if budget fails to pass there is a loss of supply . It can be assumed , trump is the epitome of what Dr. King would call " sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity". This has been the longest government shutdown in history that concludes with trump agreeing to terms he rejected a month ago. Not only was it stupid, but in practicality, pointless. We haven't seen the full effects of the shutdown, it's far too early to tell. As a result of the long shutdown we are going to sustain a substantial loss in the confidence of the job market, though recovery is likely, the loss will be unprecedented . As a retroactive effect , we will experience a loss in GDP or gross domestic product, because it certainly costs more to shut the government down than it would to keep it functioning .

       Trump has made it very clear, his politics , as well as partisanship scuffles, are more important to him than the well being of the american people. It is my speculation , that the government shutdown is the product of the probability of the collusion. It's no question whether trump colluded with Russia, his key employees are currently in federal prison for lying to federal agencies about the case of potential collusion . Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump personal attorney is in prison, as well as his campaign manager.

       Collusion is demonstratively undeniable . Based on the evidence presented, in exchange for Trump's presidency, the Russians required that trump shut the government down if he would want to be the president . Is it a coincidence that the longest government shutdown in history just ended amidst a probable collusion speculation? I think not.

By Bryan Wilcox