Putting the 2020 Election into Perspective with B-CU Senior


-By Tatiana Tyler-Addison

For many college students the 2020 election marks the first time voting for a U.S. president.

One of those is mass communications major Nadia Reese, a senior from Baltimore, Maryland., who spoke to The Voice via email.

B-CU Senior, Nadia Reese
B-CU Senior, Nadia Reese

Q: Did you or are you planning to vote in this upcoming election? If yes, will this be your first time?

A: "Yes, I will participate and no this is not my first voting but, it will be my first time voting in the national elections."

Q: If you know anything about the candidates, tell me your opinion about each of them.

A: "Personally, I'm voting for Joe Biden.

I like to remain unbiased as a Journalism major but if I had to say anything, Trump is racist, and Joe Biden has proven himself to be better. I was hoping for Kamala Harris to stay in the running for president but at least she's the VP."

Q: How do you feel about contributing in a major election that will affect this country's state of being? And why did you decide to vote?

A: "It's very important especially as a woman of color to contribute to this year's election. Between COVID-19 and a president who has once again shown the true colors of this nation and I say once again, because this isn't the first time a group of white people have portrayed their hatred or dislike for anyone of color.

"It's very important to me and it should important to all other groups of color (i.e., Latinos, Arabs, Asians, etc.) It's important as a new generation to make a change in America instead of making America "Great Again."

"I decided to vote this year because one, it's my first time voting in a national election. Who wouldn't be excited to vote?

Two, people have died for me to vote, both women and people of color.

"Three, every voice matters so, I feel like I'm contributing to my country by doing it.

And four, I've always been passionate about politics."