‘Outside the Wire’ keeps you on the edge of your seat


By Julian Bacon


Netflix's new original movie title "Outside The Wire" keeps you on the edge of your seat from the first scene until the endingcredits.

The movie, which premiered January 15, received 5.4 stars on IMDb and deservedly so, in my opinion. The 115-minute movie was released on January 15. Swedish film director Mikael Hafstrom did an excellent job with the action and fight scenes in the film.

Set in the 2036, the science-fiction action film is brimming over with technology that tops anything that the United States and other world powers currently possess. The U.S Army of the future has the latest and most advanced drones and robot soldiers. Damson Idris (also seen as Franklin from "Snowfall") plays a young drone pilot named Harp, who is sent on a top-secret mission as punishment for breaking the chain of command and costing the lives of two 19-year-old Marines.

Harp is placed under the leadership of an android named Capt. Leo, played by Anthony Mackie (most recently seen as Falcon in the "Marvel Cinematic Universe"). Leo has the face and body of a regular man but reveals his real body is made of some advanced technology to Harp after meeting him before they depart on their mission.

Leo leads Harp, who is only in his third year of service through the war-torn countryside of Ukraine to deliver vaccines to a medical clinic in exchange for information on the leader of the opposing army's next move.

The rest of the movie shows the impact of technology in war situations and what remains afterward in war zones. At the end of the movie, you will take another look at the role America may really play in wars.

I enjoyed this movie and would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys action and adventure fantasy movies that contain twists and turns until the very end.


Julian Bacon is a junior mass communications major.