Meet the Royal Court: Selected 2020-2021 Student Leaders


by Mariah Brown

After a long and anxious-filled week of campaigning, students contending for Royal Court and Student Government reached their victories.

The student body elected Javian Jones and Ja'liyah Durham as the 10th Mister Bethune-Cookman University, and 67th Miss Bethune-Cookman University.

As tradition, the candidates made their platforms and initiatives heard all week, setting up tables on the quad, passing out flyers, making videos, and so much more.

For the candidates that were rewarded their positions, you could hear, see, and feel the joy, and energy through the excitement surrounding them.

Jones platform "The Dapper Experience" was just as it states. He kept it classy and dapper all week from his campaign flyers, his posts on social media, and his aura on-campus. Former Mister Junior has big plans to continue to strengthen and create bonds with the campus community.

He gained endorsements from other campus kings and queens, as well as former Mister BCU, Earl Robinson Jr, stating that "it is already predestined, now make it happen."

Jones plans on implementing mental health on campus, social development and engagement, more community service, and a community with leadership and resistance where students and staff are comfortable being activists.

Durham's platform "Coming II Queendom" is all about achieving the throne no other way than a queen would. Ja'Liyah served as the 2018-2019 Miss Sophomore, and she is prepared to grow and apply more pressure than she did before.

Her main initiatives are "The Queendom Tribe" where she wants all campus queens in organizations to come together and create various programs for the campus monthly. "Coming to the Community" is how she wants to connect students with the B-CU community to help secure jobs after graduation. Finally Durham wants to help raise the retention and recruitment gap for admissions as "Serving our Kingdom".

Overall, Mister and Miss Bethune-Cookman University for the 2020-2021 academic school year want to protect and make B-CU stronger.

Here are the other candidates that will be serving in Royal Court and Student Government:

SGA President: Kenuante Storey

SGA Vice President: Quinteria Woods

Mister & Miss Freshman: Louis Dandrige & Don'Neisha McFadden

Mister & Miss Sophomore: Tyler Kelly & Navy Smith

Mister & Miss Junior: Samuel Bostick & Aliyah Deloach

Mister & Miss Senior: Eugene Robinson IV & Qua-Teria Gaines