Meet Tedarius Abrams, A B-CU Campus Graphic Designer


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In elementary school the first thing every teacher taught was to put your name on everything. In the business world this is no different, says Tedarius Abrams, who has taken that concept and pushes it a step further with his business Tedevision Branding.

He creates logos and graphics for anything from TV shows to album art. Tedevision Branding has only been in business for a short amount of time but has already impacted the campus. Abrams most prominent work would be the logo for the Bethune-Cookman University Remix Club.

So what made him want to start a business?

"I saw a way I could bene t someone else forever and also make money," he says.

Abrams says his company has yet to reach its peak. He has plans for Tedevision branding to transform into Tedvision productions. 

By Tedarius Abrams