Judge Hubert L. Grimes: Who Is He... Really?


Voice of The Wildcats Editor-In-Chief Augustinas Navickas sat down  with the college's interim president, Judge Hubert L. Grimes, to find out what makes him tick.

Hubert L. Grimes
Hubert L. Grimes

Interim president of Bethune-Cookman University. Most recently he worked as the university's legal counsel. 

His biggest challenges now:
Restoring the integrity and reputation of the university, as well as better control spending which will restore and maintain fiscal and financial integrity.

So how much is he paid?
"Substantially lower than what the previous president was making," he says.

Would he consider taking the job full time?
Would "strongly consider that." 

Motivation in life:
Judge Grimes has always been focused on "helping young people and doing the right thing at the right time." 

Author of two books including, "How to Keep Your Child from Going to Jail: Restoring Parental Authority and Developing Successful Youth." 

Working out at least three times per week; reading, writing, hanging out with the family, traveling, driving on the open road. 

If invisible for 24 hours:
I would move across campus and listen to what people have to say. 

Favorite sports:
"Football is something I have always enjoyed. I think that basketball, on the other hand, has the greater career longevity as opposed to football, but I probably love football more." 

Private pleasure:
Jamaican beer on a hot summer day.

If he had to spend a billion dollars in seven days: 
Grimes would donate $100 million to B-CU and set up another $100 million scholarship fund for kids. He would figure out the rest later, but it would involve giving back to the community. 

If he had to choose between speaking any language or playing an instrument:
"Language, because I love people. I would love to communicate, to find out their life stories, to be able to interact," Grimes said.

By Augustinas Navickas