"I Double Dare You"-Turnout 2018

Photo credit: Lynne Sladky of CNN
Photo credit: Lynne Sladky of CNN

"These are extraordinary times and they are dangerous times. But here's the good news. In two months we have the chance...not the certainty but the chance to restore some semblance of sanity to our politics. Because there is actually only 1 real check on bad policy and abuses of power and that's you. You and your vote." Former President Barack Obama speaking at University of Illinois on September 7, 2018

Q: WHAT ARE THE MID-TERMS? The Mid-Terms are the elections that take place two year after a Presidential Election. During the Mid-Terms, you can vote for everyone except President. People wanting to be our governor, attorney general, senator, congressman or congresswoman, representative, on the school board, and more will be on Mid-Term ballots around the country. The elections that will take place on Tuesday, November 6, are the first midterms under President Donald Trump, and the stakes for both parties are incredibly high!

 Q: WHAT'S AT STAKE? "...We know that there are a lot of jobs young people aren't getting a chance to occupy or aren't getting paid enough or aren't getting benefits like insurance. It's harder for young people to save for a rainy day let alone retirement....Making sure college students graduate debt free..." President Barack Obama A couple of weeks ago, the person in charge of looking out for students so that lenders wouldn't take advantage of them resigned in protest. Student loan chief, Seth Frotman, said the current administration does not care about your debt or your future but is looking out for banks or other lenders. EVERYTHING IS AT STAKE.

Q: WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE EXCITED ABOUT VOTING IN THE FLORIDA ELECTION ON NOVEMBER 6? Andrew Gillum is the first African American to ever be nominated for the governor of Florida. If he wins on November 6, he will make history and for the first time in 20 years, Florida will have a democratic governor. Below is a statement about what Gillum believes and wants to do if elected governor of Florida: "Mayor Gillum is running the most progressive campaign in Florida history - campaigning on Medicare for All, repealing Stand Your Ground, banning assault weapons, legalizing marijuana, a $15 minimum wage, and impeaching Donald Trump. He is the only candidate who has the biography, platform, and audacity to excite the Democratic base to finally end more than two decades of Republican control of state government." - Geoff Burgan, Communications Director
Q: WHAT'S ON THE FLORIDA BALLOT? The Mid-Term Elections are not just about who will become governor of Florida. Yes, that's major but, there are other things on the ballot that every voter should focus on. We will be voting for either a Republican or Democratic candidate to represent us in Congress. The two people are Democratic Senator Bill Nelson or Republican Governor Rick Scott. There are other democratic candidates and republican candidates running for other offices. PLEASE DON'T WALK AWAY UNTIL YOU HAVE REPONDED TO THE ENTIRE BALLOT.
Q: ARE THERE ANY AMENDMENTS ON THE MID-TERM BALLOT? Yes, there are 14 amendments on the ballot that we need to be prepared to vote either up or down. For example, if Amendment 4 passes, more than 1 million ex-felons will be able to vote again after serving their sentence, parole, or probation. Right now, three states deny voting rights to ex-felons for LIFE and Florida is one of them! Ex-felons convicted of murder and sex offenders would still not be allowed to vote. WATCH OF INFORMATION ON THE OTHER AMENDMENTS OR GOOGLE THEM FOR YOURSELF.
Q: WHAT IS EARLY VOTING? Early Voting gives voters the chance to vote before the November 6TH General Election. For Daytona Beach and all of Volusia County, Early Voting will be from October 27 - November 4. The closest place to vote for the B-CU family is City Island Library on Beach Street. The times are 7:00 am - 7:00 pm. After November 4, the
November 6th General Election will be your last chance to vote and on that day you must vote at your own precinct/polling place.
Q: WHEN IS THE GENERAL ELECTION DAY? Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Q: WHERE DO I GO TO VOTE? If you live on campus and are registered to vote in Volusia County, Florida, you vote on campus in the CCE.
Q: WHERE DO I VOTE IF I LIVE OFF CAMPUS? It depends on where you live. If you don't vote at City Island Library during Early Voting, cut and past the following website address to find your voting location. Do not wait to the last minute to find out where you should go to vote. https://www.voterfocus.com/PrecinctFinder/ Pfinder2012/pflookupfromclassic. html?county=VOL&fullcounty=volusia
Q: WHERE DO I VOTE IF I'M REGISTERED IN ANOTHER COUNTY SUCH AS DUVAL OR DADE OR REGISTERED IN ANOTHER STATE? If you are not registered to vote in Volusia County, you will not be able to vote in Daytona Beach. You should register to vote where you live
while you are in school because you will probably be in Daytona Beach on Election Day. If you want to, you can change your voter registration back to your home county or state right after the election. CONSIDER THIS: You will probably wake up during Early Voting AND on November 6 in Daytona Beach.
Q: WHAT CAN I DO IF I REALLY WANT MY VOTE TO COUNT IN MY HOME STATE. (In Georgia, Stacey Abrams is the first African American to ever run for Governor and you are registered to vote there and want to vote for her.) You will need to request an ABSENTEE BALLOT. This is ballot that you can ask to be mailed to you on campus. When you receive the ballot, you must complete the ballot and return it by the deadline or it will not be counted. Google "Georgia supervisor of elections" to find out what you need to do and the deadlines for your state. Deadlines are different for different counties and states. If you wait too long, you will not be able to get an Absentee Ballot and it may be too late to register to vote in Florida. THIS ELECTION IS TOO IMPORTANT TO NOT VOTE!
Q: DO I NEED TO VOTE AT A CERTAIN TIME? Yes. During Early Voting and on November 6th, you can vote from 7:00 am -7:00 p.m. If there is a line and you are in it by 7, you must be allowed to vote! SO, DON'T LEAVE.
Q: WHAT DO I TAKE WITH ME WHEN I GO TO VOTE? Take your B-CU identification which connects you to Volusia County and an identification with your signature on it such as a debit or credit card or Florida driver's license. You may also take any notes or papers with information on it about who you want to vote for. YOU DO NOT NEED YOUR VOTER'S CARD TO VOTE!
Q: I THINK I'M REGISTERED. HOW DO I FIND OUT? Go to volusiaelections.org and click on Voter Status and put in the requested information. If it says there is "no record found," register again before October 9th.