Here is a list of candidates for State and National office whose district includes Bethune-Cookman University


by Ruth Liggans

U.S. House District 6

U.S. House District is home to 709,868 people. Of that number, about 84 percent are white, 12.59 percent are Hispanic, and 10.26 percent are Black.

Clinton Curtis

Democratic Party

Clinton Curtis, an Illinois native who graduated from Illinois State University and Barry University School of Law. Curtis established the Law Offices of Clint Curtis & Associates to help disabled citizens to get the benefits they deserved. He also practices immigration law, military law and social security disability law. Curtis says his issues are to increase social security income for seniors and provide fair care for veterans by expanding affordable healthcare.

Michael Waltz

Republican Party

Michael Waltz is a native of Boynton Beach and graduate of Virginia Military Institute. He served 21 years in the U.S Army rising to the rank of Lt. Colonel. Waltz is a former Fox News contributor and combat decorated Green Beret. Waltz says his priorities are to preserve Florida's natural resources and improve the immigration system. He also favors reducing taxes and providing more resources for military services.

Florida State House District 26

Florida House District 26 is home to 158,652 people. Whites comprise 71 percent, and Blacks make up 22 percent. A majority of the residents-81 percent- are over the age of 18.

Patrick Henry

Democrat Party

Patrick Henry is a native of Daytona Beach and a graduate of Bethune-Cookman University. Henry supports expanding Medicaid and lowering prescription drug prices. He is looking to reclaim a seat that he lost in 2018.

Elizabeth Fetterhoff

Republican Party

Elizabeth Fetterhoff is a native of DeLand. She is a graduate of Florida State University. Fetterhoff was endorsed by the National Rifle Association. She supports increased money for education and supporting veterans. She defeated Henry in 2018 by 61 votes - 30,610 vs. 30,549 to claim the seat.

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