#HailMary: students peacefully protest


Heres what lead to the protest 

Throughout the fall semester, students remain uneasy about the overall environment at B-CU. Recently, there have been rumors regarding B-CU's accreditation, legal issues pertaining to former president, Edison O. Jackson, and the school's financial situation. Some students have taken to social media to express their feelings. #HAILMARY and #SaveOurSchool are trending hashtags on Twitter and Instagram that students have posted in response to what they believe is the board of trustee's lack of transparency. Last week Student Government Association (SGA) President, Derenzo Thomas held an emergency student meeting to talk about the perceived stakes, Grimes's final months as president, what students should do during this time and the Student Government Association's plan of action. At this student meeting, Thomas answered questions directly from students and guaranteed change.

by Sommer Harris