Faces of B-CU


Jerykah Thomas' photo was taken by Khalif Hollis

Name: Jerykah Thomas
Classification: Senior Major: Business AdministrationHometown: Tampa, FLPosition/ Title: SGA President
Why student government?

  • Being a part of the governing body of students is something that is needed to ensure that the students concerns are being heard. And that is what I wanted to be a part of. Knowing that I am assisting in carrying out a mission for the student by the students for a cause greater than myself is the best feeling imaginable.

How has your major benefitted you thus far? Your goals?

  • Being a product of the College of Business and Entrepreneurship has benefitted me significantly. It has allowed me to be the recipient of many scholarships through the institution and UNCF. There are many scholarship, internship, and job opportunities that are offered to business majors that have brIn addition, my major has enhanced my knowledge of international business affairs. This knowledge will help me in the long- run because i will be traveling overseas to Germany, after graduation, to be with my husband while he serves our country in the U.S. Army. In addition, My goal is to receive my masters in architecture design with aspirations to be the founder and CEO of my own interior/ commercial design firm.

Any advice to freshmen and sophomores?

  • If I could give any advice to freshmen and sophomores, it would be to set a strong foundation and build healthy relationships with peers and professors. The first two years of your college experience are the most critical in ensuring that you are on the right track to graduate on time. Maintaining your GPA and good standing with the University, and the people around you, allows for you to be engaged in the activities and organizations around campus which will ultimately improve your overall college experience.
  • Also, one thing that I wish I would have taken more seriously in my first two years, was the importance of minimizing college debt through scholarships. I would highly recommend for Freshmen and Sophomores to apply for scholarships year-round so that they can reduce the burden of having to pay student loans off when they graduate.

What would Dr. Bethune think of your successes thus far as president?

  • Dr. Bethune was a fearless woman that went against the status-quo. She did things that were out of the box and sometimes risky, but ultimately beneficial to her students and her community. I aspire to be a woman with that kind of assertiveness and determination in a position like this. I am nowhere near that level as of yet; but it is still a work in progress that I hope to fulfill in life.