Don’t get caught by the ‘Freshman 15’


By Sierra Perry
Healthy Tea

      Before heading off to college your family probably told you about the agonizing
"Freshman 15," a term used to refer to the average amount of weight many college students
gain during their first semester in college.
     Of course, this is not true for everyone but quite a few people agree that it has
happened to them.
      Some people even said they were caught with "Freshman 35," and by some people I
mean me.
      The reasons for the weight gain are quite simple. It's a new environment and there are
buffets in the cafeteria, new restaurants, no home-cooked healthy meals and, more
importantly, you eat whenever you want!
       Luckily, I have good news that can save you. You can prove your family wrong and
combat the freshman 15, 30, or 45. Here are some steps to keep you fit while eating good.
First, while you have the opportunity to eat as much as you want, learn to pace yourself.
If you had a big breakfast, try eating a healthy salad for lunch. Drink water with every meal you
have and replace those chips with apples in between meals.
      Next, instead of catching an Uber to the beach or to the movie theater, get a group of
friends and play kickball or manhunt. There is no better feeling than saving money, having fun
and burning calories.
Also, ditch that cheeseburger in the cafeteria and ask them to prepare you a veggie
burger. They are just as delicious.
      Go home for Thanksgiving with not only great grades but a great body. You can do it!
Until next time, I'm Sierra with the Healthy Tea!

Sierra Perry
Sierra Perry

Sierra Perry is a senior mass communication major.