Does It Really Get Cold In Florida?

Ariana and Sheridan discuss the cold weather. Stehpanie Owens photo
Ariana and Sheridan discuss the cold weather. Stehpanie Owens photo

As soon as the Spring 2018 semester kicked off, the Wildcats of B-CU have been dealing with various changes in weather due to Florida's tropical climate and visiting cold Nordic breeze. In January, it is unusual for the temperature to drop below 40 degrees one day and reach close to 70 degrees the next in the state of Florida; however, it is happening now and Floridians have to just deal with it.

How are the students of B-CU dealing with it? Voice of The Wildcats interviewed two students from different parts of the country to find out their reaction to the cold breeze in the state of Florida.

Ariana Rodriguez, a sophomore from New Haven, Connecticut, is used to endure double-digit negative temperatures, therefore, according to Rodriguez, "50 degrees is a nice Spring day that requires only a T-shirt, jeans and some sneakers."

On the other hand, Florida native sophomore Sheridan Sanders from Miami, is struggling to accept the 50 degree weather. "If possible, I wouldn't even leave the house," said Sanders. if he happened to go outside, a heavy jacket and some winter boots are considered appropriate.

Ariana and Sheridan interpret 50 degree weather so differently due to the vast climate difference in their home states. In Connecticut, home for Ariana, majority of her time is spent in the cold with low temperatures lasting for almost six months out of the year. While for Sheridan, someone who only deals with slight temperature changes throughout the year, 50 degree weather feels like 30 degrees or even lower.

By Stephanie Owens