Bobbie Luke Is A Mogul In The Making

Bobbie Luke Instagram Album
Bobbie Luke Instagram Album

Bethune-Cookman University is filled with talent, from visual artist, dancers, graphic designers to videographers, musicians and even producers.

However, there is one student whose name rings a bell for many people: Bobbie Luke.

If the name is unfamiliar, then perhaps you have seen him wondering around school recording comedy sketches for his Instagram videos? Or, maybe you saw the reaction video he created for up-and-coming artist 300ibs of Guwop that was posted on comedian Michael Blackston's Instagram? You might even remember him from last spring's protest by students against Betsy DeVos as commencement speaker. Luke was so vocal that he was asked to leave the arena.

All that aside, most people might agree that Luke is one of THE people on campus making moves. A junior from Tampa, Luke is majoring in mass communication with a concentration in broadcast production. He says his interest in production started in high school where he studied TV production and expanded to broadcast production when he reached college.

When talking with Luke, his passion for his work is on full display. For example, when asked what he wanted to do with his degree, he quickly responded with "become a mogul." He used rapper Lil Yachty as an example of what he hopes to achieve.

Bobbie appeared on HLN following Betsy DeVos scandal at Bethune-Cookman University. Photo courtesy of @bobbieluke Instagram
Bobbie appeared on HLN following Betsy DeVos scandal at Bethune-Cookman University. Photo courtesy of @bobbieluke Instagram

His dream, Luke says, is to cash in on advertising and endorsements while producing his own subject matter. Despite his passion for the craft, Luke is the first to admit he faces challenges.

The most difficult, he says, is a lack resources while he is not on campus- for example, during Christmas and summer break. In a field such as mass communications where the focus is constantly shifting, Luke says staying consistent and relevant are vital to becoming successful in this industry.

Still, even when all the odds are against Luke, he does not feel discouraged. Crazy, right?

"Why worry about the score when the game has not even started yet?" he says, adding that at age 20, he has many years ahead of him to create substance which is why he is not worried about reaching success because he has claimed it.

Another interesting thing about Luke is the amazing amount of support he has for anyone with goals they are trying to reach. "I support anybody with a goal," he says.

You can see some of his work by following him on Instagram @bobbieluke. You also can buy a Bobbie Luke Productions T-shirt for $7... if you ever catch him sitting down.

By Stephanie Owens