Grimes: Layoffs, furloughs and paycuts coming


Cuts aimed at helping school address financial challenges, SACS probation

       Bethune-Cookman University has faced some adversity regarding financial stability and other

issues on its campus. In June 2018 Cookman was placed on probation by the Board of trustees

of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) for

failing to comply with SACSCOC core requirements and standards. Since this process, students

as well as alumni have responded. Students have held student protest, SGA meetings and

more, helping students to gain a better understanding of what's going on with the university.

In order to surpass the probation B-CU's staff and administrators have to complete a

course of action to ensure the schools progression. President Hubert L. Grimes has presented

the university with a list of course of action including a perscice new presidential search,

accurate and resourceful information regarding the probation, monthly updates and more.

Various emails are sent out about the progress the university is making and any changes that

have to be made, as well as direct information about SASCOC guidelines overall.

       President Grimes issued a letter to all university employees, stating that all employees will

be placed on unpaid furlough for the period of spring break 2019. The letter also states that

certain job responsibilities will be adjusted and guidelines will be established for all positions,

resulting in elimination for some positions. "This reduction is one of the first major actions I

believe is an essential step toward addressing the University's financial status in these

challenging economic times," says Grimes.

      After the letter was issued to B-CU employees, president Grimes issued out a a video on

the steps that are being taken to solve this issues amongst B-CU. In the video Grimes

mentioned reduced personnel costs and the reorganization of key positions. All B-CU

employees have been affected by this change and some feel it's needed.

      "Even though this is affecting me directly, because of various circumstances, these pay

cuts are necessary at this point in time" says Christopher Shaw, TV studio manager.

Many changes are being made at B-CU to pass up probation with SACSCOC. Many of

those changes aren't as popular as others, but have already been put in action. To ensure a

clean slate with the probation, consistent changes have to be implemented and resourceful.

By Sarita Mason