B-CU Student's Opinions on Raising Minimum Wage


 Among the amendments on the ballot this year in Florida is one that would raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour, increasing by a dollar each year after that until 2026, when it would be $15. The VOICE talked to Wildcats to see where they stand on the idea

VOTW staff, Thea Shaw, spoke with P.O.S.S.E. president, Angel Prince. She asked her various questions about voting & minimum wage in Florida

Name: Angel Price

Classification: Junior

Major: Biology

Did you vote ?: Yes

Did you vote because of minimum wage? ( so it could be raised):  No

If approved, it would go up to $10 an hour next year. What would that mean to a student?:

It would mean more money in our pockets.

Do you think minimum wage should be more ?:

Yes,What should minimum wage be ? $16/hr

Why is voting important to you ?:

I want my voice to count for the greater good. Voting allows me to have a say so in my country.

Brianne Armstrong
Brianne Armstrong

VOTW staff, Tyra Norris, Spoke with a student about the Florida Minimum Wage

Tyra Norris: Did you vote for or vote against the increase of minimum wage?

Brianne Armstrong: I voted against the increase of minimum wage because I believe that it may benefit temporarily, however, I do not believe it will shift the economy positively for the economic future of the United States.

VOTW staff, Damerius Langston spoke with former Freshman Class President, Dereanna Britt, getting her opinion on raising minimum wage 

Dereanna Britt, a sophomore, majoring in mass communications, said she would like to see the full hike in the minimum wage take place next year.

Dereanna Britt
Dereanna Britt

"Ten dollars an hour wouldn't mean anything to me because of the simple fact that minimum wage is set at $8 and that's not a big difference," Britt said. "I believe it should be raised to $15 at set minimum because people work and pay bills."