B-CU search for next president winding down


Bethune-Cookman is expecting to have a new president by February 15, 2019, according

to the university's website. The search for the seventh president of the university opened last


The university has gathered a presidential search committee which consist of members of

the board of trustees, faculty and students. One student who has played a consequential role in

the search is Student Government president, Derenzo Thomas. Thomas is a senior majoring in

psychology with a minor in political science and he is the first SGA president to be a member of

the Board of Trustees in B-CU history.

During a meeting with the student senators, Thomas said that the candidates for

presidents should be on campus January 28, 29, and 30. An email went out recently which

included a schedule of events in which the potential candidates will be present. On January 28

the candidates will interact with students in the Performing Arts Center from times 11:00 a.m.-

11:45 a.m. So, the students of B-CU will have a chance to meet the candidates for the presidency

of the university.

Thomas said that SGA will create a student survey to obtain feedback from students once

they have had the chance to meet the three candidates. Once the surveys are submitted, Thomas

said he will bring the report back to the Board of Trustees and those surveys will play a huge role

in the final decision for the next president of B-CU.

By Ashlyn Denson